Rebecca Gurbank

Best Brazilian Blowout! I got a Brazilian Blowout from Anna over two months ago and I am still thrilled! I have had only one other Brazilian Blowout prior to Anna and the results were nice enough but began washing out after three weeks. I decided to try another stylist and chose Anna because of the rave reviews on Yelp. Well the reviews are true. First, Anna knows what he is doing. There are a lot of salons peddling the Brazilian Blowout but not all Stylists know the proper way to administer the product – assuming they are actually using the authentic product… Let’s face it, Brazilian Blowout is an expensive process and you want to get what you pay for – smooth, frizz free, shiny, free flowing healthy hair! Hair that is healthier then when you walked in. Given the price, you want the result to last. I am nine or ten weeks in and am loving my flowing mane by Anna and were it not for the curly roots growing in; I would not have to go back for another Blowout for another two months or more. Anna also has a very sophisticated air filtration system hooked up if you are concerned about the fumes from the product that there has been much hype about. Anna takes her time with you and makes sure you and she part happy. If it takes a week or so to get fitted into Anna’s schedule (she’s a one girl show at her salon); wait it out – she’s worth it!

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