Cutting & Styling

How much our services cost

Your experience begins with a personalized consultation to find out your hair design needs. Your Stylist will make recommendations that will enhance your features and suit your lifestyle. Anna’s signature scalp, neck and shoulder massage followed by a shampoo, design cut and styling tips for at home ease.


Styling prices may vary on the length of your hair and the time needed to create your desired style.

For up do and formal styles we request that you arrive at the salon with clean, dry hair unless otherwise specified by your stylist. Pictures of your desired style are helpful for us achieving your desired look.


Awesome Color and Highlights


For Anna, hair color and highlights is not just a service but the driving force of her creative and artistic expression. Anna’s colorists and stylists are not only equipped with extensive knowledge, but inspiration from around the globe… education, experience and system. Anna ensure you will receive consistent, favorable results each and every time…

Anna trained color and highlights consultants will review the questionnaire for any important information and look at your past salon history. Upon review, she will listen and advise to determine correct procedures and a plan of action. During the consultation, images and pictures may be viewed to better understand the desired look.

Hot Scissors Haircut

Solution to Split Ends!

Hot Scissors, in fact, less damaging. Unlike traditional scissors, which open the cuticle and leave the hair susceptible to environmental stress that can cause frizz and dryness, the heat from the hot scissors seals the end of the hair to trap in moisture and protect the hair from damage. This keeps the cut looking fresh for weeks, but it won’t cure split ends for good—you still have to be consistent with regular haircuts.

You won’t feel the burn. Although they reach up to 310 degrees, a haircut with hot scissors won’t make you feel like your head is on fire. Stylists can adjust the temperature depending on your hair type (about 270 degrees for fine hair and 310 for coarse) for the best results. “The difference the client will feel is in the end result. Hot Scissors also a good option for people not willing to sacrifice their length to repair damage.


Service Table

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that

haircut and blow dry
haircut with hot scissors
Brazilian keratin treatment
with shampoo and conditioner after care
hair extention
any masks