Mandy Ferman

I am sooooooooo grateful to YELP for helping me find Anna. She is truly the best hairdresser I have ever had. Not only he fixed my highlights, I chose to have the Brazilian system done by her too, and thank God, I did! First of all, she is really not into being your therapist! In other words, I was so relieved to note that she didn’t start asking me about my personal life as soon as I sat down! But let me tell you first about the quality of her work. You would not believe it if I told you that she took my long hair, strand by strand, and tried to fix the mess that was left behind. She picked up the exact same hairs that had turned orange, and figured out exactly what to do, to make sure that I walk out happy. She didn’t even care how long it was going to take!!! She cared about results, and that is just what I wanted.

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